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Open up a world of possibilities with motorised roller blinds! Motorising your roller blinds will enable you to take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience, and comfort, whilst saving money on your energy bills. As a specialist in the field, we use market-leading technology from Rollease Acmeda, providing our customers with the best quality product available as well as access to a wealth of resources to help you along your way.


Automate Li-ion Arc Wireless 12V rechargeable battery motors

- ultra-quiet operation.

- 5-year full replacement warranty.

- All motors come fully charged with your roller blinds. This charge should last on average for 6 months/500 cycles* if used once a day.

- Easily set limits and adjust as required.

- Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance

Automate E6 240V Motor

- Low-noise operation

- Slim motor header design means minimal light-gaps

- Easily set limits and adjust as required

- Levelling control - achieve precise positioning of multiple blinds in perfect alignment

 - Operate via remote control and/or smart home integration

Automate Pulse 2 Wi-Fi Hub

- Voice control.
- Sunrise and sunset detection using time zone and location.
- Distinct design.
- High-speed connection with built-in Wi-Fi or optional ethernet connection.
- Automate App control - available for all android phones, tablets, and iOS devices including Apple Watch and iPad.
- Live feedback - check motor battery levels and blind positions through the App or smart assistants.
- Personalised experience - create custom rooms, scenes, routines, and timers.
- Easy 3-step set-up: power on, download the App, connect and enjoy. 

Create your dream home.
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